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Chomper Expression Practice :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 2 1
He didn’t know what memories he was losing; only the sense of awareness that he was.
The gaps were spreading into an abyss, flashes of importance being wrenched from him, spiraling away in a flurry of data.  He wanted to cry, reach out, pull them back, but he was too weak.  He was losing energy too fast.  He was now MegaKabuterimon…no, Kabuterimon.  Tentomon.
The final image snatched away, the one he clung the strongest to before his mind was thrown into oblivion, was that of a boy’s smile and a faint, fading recognition that it was precious.
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Brandon, Daxton, and Miles Chibis :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 2 0 Pony Persona: Rhyme Scheme :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 1 1 MLP OC: Sir Gallohad :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 2 3 Goodbye, little angels :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 1 0 Goodbye, Baby :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 0 0 PSMD: Ampharos x Mawile :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 13 8 Pine Tree and Shooting Star :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 3 0 Pony Persona :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 0 0 SRMTHFG Snickers Meme :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 33 9
SRMTHFG The Novelization: Chapter 7
Chapter 7: The Return
Chiro was terrified upon seeing the face that was displayed on the machine's screen. That's...that's the face I saw in the pool! he thought, recalling the incident from yesterday. When BT and Glenny were about to shove him into the school pool… he could have sworn that he saw that same skeletal face on the water's surface. He had waved it off as just a hallucination…
But this… this did not feel like a hallucination.
"Hmph, so you're the one who woke the Monkey Team?" the skeleton being sneered. "This is the threat that I was so concerned about? I had expected something more than… a weak and scrawny, little boy."
Chiro was still terrified… but upon being called scrawny and weak, his face stiffened. "'re the Skeleton King, aren't you?" he growled, trying to put on a brave face.
"Ah, so the boy can speak," the skeleton chuckled. "I am almost touched that you are already aware of who I
:iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 4 0
Bystander (Ninjago Drabble)
Skales had nothing in particular to do that day. He just slithered on through the underground sanctuary nonchalantly, only stopping occasionally to survey the activities of the other serpentine.
His uneventful tread, however, was interrupted when he noticed two male hypnobrai making inappropriate jeers at a nearby female hypnobrai.
Yeah, real civilized, he thought, rolling his eyes. He was about to slither over and put an end to it when the unexpected happened.
Seemingly fed up with the remarks, the pink hypnobrai marched right up to the males. Before another word could leave their mouths, she punched one of them to the ground, effectively silencing both of them. After gathering their bearings, the two males fled from her like she was the resurrection of the Great Devourer itself.
Skales stood there in a stupor, even as the female had gone on with her business. It was only after she had disappeared from view that the general had snapped out of it, a love-struck smile spreading a
:iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 1 3
La Muerte and Xibalba Motivational Poster :iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 149 38
SRMTHFG: The Novelization Chapter 6
Chapter 6: The Mystery of History
A few hours later, Otto woke. Snuffing a yawn, the mechanic lifted his head.
"Boy…" he said, stretching out his arms, "was that a nice nap… I haven't slept like that since…"
He trailed off, blinking his orbital orbs a couple of times. He didn't recognize these surroundings. He wasn't in his room or workshop, so why…
"Oh, no!" he exclaimed, all but jumping off of the stool (and, unknowingly, knocking it over in the action). The now alert monkey began looking around for his teammate. Upon noticing him by the stairway, the mechanic rushed over to him.
"Antauri! Is everything oka—"
His exclamation was cut short as the black monkey gently, but firmly, placed a paw over Otto's mouth.
Without saying a word, Antauri glanced towards the stairwell.
Otto may have been slow sometimes… but he got the message. But it was only after he had calmed did his teammate remove his paw.
"I'm sorry, Antauri…" the mechanic whisp
:iconanimemonkeygirlfan:AnimeMonkeyGirlFan 4 0
SRMTHFG The Novelization: Chapter 5
Chapter 5: A Boy's Dilemma
"Holy Shuggazoom..." Zia breathed, her eyes as wide as her glasses. "What is that?"
Hers, Chiro's, and the monkeys' forms were petite in comparison to the mechanical structure that stood before them. The afternoon sun was barely able to penetrate through the vines and muck that stuck to its silvery material, making it seem older than it actually was.
Chiro managed to keep a snicker in as he saw his aunt's awe-struck face. He knew this was going to happen (he didn't think she'd freak out, but he reckoned that she'd be flabbergasted all the same). spite of already seeing it once, the sheer size of the Super Robot was enough to surprise him as well in spite of its less than impressing appearance.
"That's the Super Robot!" Otto said, a grin overtaking his muzzle as he looked at the woman. "It's been our pride and joy for a number of years! Wait till you see-"
The green monkey rambled on about the Super Robot and its many functions, speaking so fast tha
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